Linux Segmentation Fault

I’ve tried re-installing Garry’s Mod and even verifying all files and still won’t load. The server was working yesterday.

Test if u have the problem

test this file at /orangebox/bin/

The file you posted will not download, it seems that you posted a file on cpanel when you were logged in.
Thanks for replying though.

Test this from

cd ~
mkdir tmp
cd tmp/
cp ../scrds/orangebox/bin/

gz REJack

Linux is broken at the moment, try the binaries posted in this thread.

thx Drakehawke, this helps me self out.

ill help you off :wink:

Still getting a physics error, but the server didn’t have a segmentation fault this time. So glad it’s up thanks.

Edit: never mind, unable to pass getting the server information. I think this is where I was before the Segmentation fault. :frowning:

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Does anybody know when this issue will be resolved? I’m trying to start a community group and this isn’t helping. I’ll probably just stick to CSS and other easier servers to manage.

I’m having the same problem when will this be fixed?

Download and extract that, copy it over your orangebox folder and overwrite all files.

You deserve a gigantic pat on the back. Thanks!

It stopped working after installing CSS content. I did reapply it. :frowning:

It fixed the error for me. But now I’m getting the “old” error with GLIBC (which the old binaries fixed)
What can I do about it?

To people that uses linux and still got errors after Drakehawke’s fix (as I did):

Extract the files in orangebox/bin/

That doesn’t work.

Hmm, I don’t think we have the same issue. It worked on my three servers.

Correct. I am getting

Failed to open (./ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.15' not found (required by bin/

But I have verified that I have the latest version.