Linux Server Binaries

Will there ever be any?

Facepunch needs thread suggestions something like in getsatisfaction.
No, there won’t be any for server or client. Just give up hope and use wine.


Even thought its less stable, but yeah use wine its smexy :O.

wine is terrible for servers

ooh, why?

Its less stable.

How much? And got some nice statistics, based on experience, etc?

Just don’t use wine for hosting a gmod server.

Our servers are hosted on Wine, and they’re more stable than the previous Windows servers we rented to host Garrys Mod.

I take it back. Recently realised our server didn’t update properly at last update, and now refuses to do so.

Yeah, sadly Garry’s been a dick about it since day one. I quit hosting/playing because my server kept getting viruses and it just became too much work. Shit I wouldn’t have to deal with if I could just use my linux box…

With wine you can get a server going, but yes, it is sort of unstable. No worse than dealing with the hackers and viruses that come with windows, however, so… use whichever you want, in the end you’ll be in about the same place. Fuckin over it.