Linux Server Errors

[SOLVED] Close Thread Please

Uhmm, maybe I’m missing something, but without a server Beta password, which only GSP can get at the moment, you wont be able to run a “legit” Rust server.

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I tried to make this clear in the post. I do have a beta password, and it works fine on Windows servers. On linux servers, I get the mono outputs as stated in the post. Seems like the key isn’t linking properly on linux.

I believe it only runs on Windows servers.

Also, how did you get a password? From what I understand, no one except the hand-picked GSPs should have that password.

I don’t think the server is working in Linux yet. I’ve not seen any word of hosts running Linux DSs instead of the Windows DS.

Alright. Thanks for the information guys. Please close and or lock the thread.