Linux Server GMod Can't Find srcds_run

First of All…Hello Everyone

Second: It’s all day that i’m trying to install a Linux Dedicated server For GMod…

I Used This Guide:

I’m blocked at the Server Start, i can’t find the file ./srcds_run

I followed all the steps, but i’m blocked here…What should i do? Thank to everyone who answer…


The file is named srcds_run, not ./srcds_run. The ./ stands for the current directory. If that was your problem.


Wait, why didn’t you read the wine-box?

It’s more trouble than it’s worth. You’ll need to put an awful lot of effort in to get a stable Linux server.

No that was not mine problem…

Can u tell me what to do? Because i can’t install nothing on Wine because of emulation problems

Then you won’t have your gmod server. Gmod will either run on windows or wine (reactos anyone)?
There are no linux binaries even though you “can” download garrysmod linux.

(./)srcds_run is a linux shell script that opens only the linux version of srcds.

There are some bugs, like you said, with the emulation but nothing that one wouldn’t be able to overcome.

What he said, you cant run a GMOD server natively in a linux environment. Which is a shame, I know.

You may try to install VMware Server, it’s free, but if you don’t have luck it’ll be a bit hard to install.
Also it require a good server (well, I managed to get a not so laggy Windows VM with a Garry’s Mod server on it working, on a celeron 220 1,2 Ghz but it’s not that stable).

Might was well use a scraped down Windows XP install instead.
Nlite can help you customize a legal winxp installation CD.