Linux Server Issue With Server Unable To Write Files on Non-Root Users

Hello, I know this isn’t exactly Gmod related but I am having an issue with my Debian server that when I run my server as a user that isn’t root the gmod server is unable to write files. What I mean by this for example is no files in data/ will be made or modified. Same thing with console.log with -condebug in the command line. I have the following line entered into visudo so I don’t see why it should be running into issues.


Has anyone ever encountered this before? Thanks :slight_smile:

Did you install the server as root or as steam?

You probably don’t have the permissions to write in that folder because you aren’t the owner of it.
As root run this:

Replace user with the user you use to run the server and the path with the path to your server.

Worked like a charm, thanks :slight_smile: