Linux Server Not Public?

Am I missing something - the news sticky appears to indicate the Linux Server is public, but the only links I’m finding are gated behind developer communities?

Is this not out for public consumption yet? Is it kosher to request a mirror?

  1. Download steamcmd.
  2. login anonymous.
  3. use force_install_dir …/your_server_dir/
  4. And then run app_update 258550 validate•.
  5. Now it will download.

More info here:

Some info at that page is atm out of date. Like the rcon.login command. It is deleted from the game and you should use moderatorid “steamid 64bit” “reason” for adding admins. The Linux server works great for one exception. When you start it just 4 - 5 lines of text will appear and it will seem like its not working, but it is. However, the server console is not working and you cant use any server commands so you cant add your self or anyone as admin.

This will hopefully be fixed soon.