Linux server problem

Hello, i’m renting a server, it’s on linux.
I’ve got a problem, every time I try to spawn some models who contain CaSe SeNsiTive models, they don’t spawn.



When they don’t contain capitalized letters, they spawn just fine. I’ve tried changing the names (XQM -> xqm & otherwise).
I also can’t run any scripts (Only got FTP acces) unless there’s a way for that to do it via FTP?
Please help me, it’s an annoying problem,



sudo aptitude install jfsutils

create a JFS partition using it
Put server on JFS partition

What? Why? Ext3/4 works just fine. Sounds like an issue with his host. Also, how is he supposed to make a JFS partition for his server when all he has is FTP access?

No. ext3/4 is case-sensitive whilst JFS isn’t, so srcds would be able to read them instead of getting a not found error.

I only got acces to FTP and TCadmin, therefor I can’t use sudo.