Linux Server Problems /with ADV duplicator, Prop Protection and Exsto

i have problems with the following addons:
Advanced Duplicator
Simple Prop Protection
Falco Prop protect

on my gameserver ( i bought a prepaid server by


Advanced Duplicator -> it doesnt save the weight of a prop …
What i tryed: Update Adv duplicator to the newest version

Simple Prop Protection -> svn, but not working (player can pick up props from other players)
What i tryed: Update, another admin mod…

Falco prop protect -> crashes after 2-7 hrs. ( then player can pick up props from other players)
what i tryed: update, another admin mod, settings…

Exsto -> server wont start

please help me!!

(sorry for bad english)

Have you tried Evolve? and Wolf’s Prop Protection? As far as I know Adv Dupe does not save weight.

ok… i fixed adv duplicator ( renamed the folder from ADV DUPE to adv dupe ?! Oo)
and now im trying WPP