Linux server problems

Sorry for my English.

Hello, i try to create server on linux (i can’t use windows, but i know linux and how it works), but there were some problems with addons and lua code.

if short - CAP stargate_base is not overwritten aVoN stargate_base on linux server. and rings too. idk who, maybe linux server (srcds_linux) problem, but maybe problem in cap… need add some code fto fix in on linux… idk again…


We describe the main problem, now it is associated with CAP (Carter’s Addon Pack), but the problem I think it is a Linux server, not in CAP.

So the problem:
For some reason the code stargate_base and other entites does not change the code from the CAP, ie, such as Stargate (standard avon sg1/sga) does not appear in the cap ramps. On Linux for some reason the code is not changed. From here and the problem with the rings and others.

So don’t work new rings system from CAP because rings code don’t replaced from the CAP. This is not only for rings… Stargate base code also not be replaced from the CAP.

[addons/cap/lua/entities/stargate_tollan/init.lua:73] attempt to call method ‘CartersRamps’ (a nil value)
[addons/cap/lua/entities/stargate_energy_atlantis/init.lua:86] attempt to call method ‘CartersRamps’ (a nil value)
This error for energy stargate and cartoon/tollan… These errors occur due to the fact that the loaded original avon stargate_base code and not the one that should be of the CAP stargate_base. These errors appear only on the Linux server…

I think - this is the problem in the Linux server (using srcds_linux), the code that was previously loaded for some object is not overwritten with new code of other addon (CAP stargate_base is not overwritten aVoN stargate_base).

So what to do? Need report to garry? Or what? Or this problem in CAP? Or maybe need add some code for fix it on linux? Idk…

I hope someone understood what I had entered.

ps i use case-insensitive ntfs file system for gmod server.

Any help? Its problem not in CAP, its in linux srcds or liblares…

Now i fully understand how working addon code overwritten method and how fix problems on linux.

In fact, when the addon precache lua file, it can not be overwritten (need restart the map/server). In this case, is always precache only the first file what found.

On windows gmod server precache addons in in alphabetical order (first 0-9, then A-Z).
On linux gmod server precache addons in reverse order (I do not know why, but first is Z-A, then 9-0, but i not test numbers, only letters, so maybe about numbers i can mistake).

I have made many tests and it came to that conclusion.

So what i mean:

[In Windows]

if addons order is:

then all work fine, if do in this order:

then code from my stargate group addon not overwritten cap what not precache his files before my addon. If do in this order:

then code from cap and my addon do not overwritten avon code, and you have many errors and see old stargates)

[In Linux]

In linux (maybe not in all linux assembly) order must be reverse, so if do as:

then all works fine.

Hope you understand what i write and this information will be useful for some.