[Linux Server] server won't start properly

I’ve recently started working on a Gmod server in Debian, and by now i should have all the libraries and such set up correctly because i have gotten it up and running a few times. Then out of nowhere it will not start correctly. I just stops doing anything after the line with the IP. I can give it the quit command just fine though. It’s not just slow or anything, it’s been running for way too long for it to actually be doing something. Here’s the console log:

$ ./darkrp/srcds_run -game garrysmod
WARNING: No map specified! Server may not heartbeat.
Auto detecting CPU
Using default binary: ./srcds_linux
Server will auto-restart if there is a crash.

Console initialized.
Adding Path: [/home/steam/darkrp/content/cstrike]
FIND [/home/steam/darkrp/content/cstrike/*.vpk]
ADDING [/home/steam/darkrp/content/cstrike/cstrike_pak_000.vpk]
Couldn’t load shader dll: game_shader_generic_garrysmod_srv.soConVarRef mat_dxlevel doesn’t point to an existing ConVar
Game_srv.so loaded for “Garry’s Mod”
Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 4000
Initializing Steam libraries for secure Internet server
[S_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed; SteamAPI_IsSteamRunning() failed.
Logging into anonymous gameserver account.
Fetching Workshop Addons… No -authkey
Unknown command “cl_cmdrate”
Unknown command “cl_updaterate”
Unknown command “rate”
Network: IP, mode MP, dedicated Yes, ports 27015 SV / 27005 CL

It just ends there. And i had it running half an hour ago, i’m not sure what happened.

It says no map specifies at the top, make sure the map in the command line is also in your maps folder.

Please post your startup script. I also suggest you try another map “+map gm_flatgrass”. Add that to your startup and trying running the server.

I’ve started it with the following commands. No map in the line shouldn’t matter, it defaults to gm_construct.

./darkrp/srcds_run -game garrysmod -maxplayers 8 -map gm_construct
./darkrp/srcds_run -game garrysmod -maxplayers 8 -map gm_flatgrass
./darkrp/srcds_run -game garrysmod

Also for some reason it asked for .steam/sdk32/libsteam.so, .steam being in the same directory as /darkrp/. That folder didn’t actually exist so i figured i’d just make it and put the file in. It stopped mentioning any missing files after that.


I figure i’ll reinstall steamcmd and the gmod server, might work.


After the reinstall the problem is still present, really at a loss here.

“+map gm_flatgrass”, not “-map gm_flatgrass”

Oh my god i can’t believe it’s that simple, thanks a lot… I guess i got confused because it’s -game garrysmod. It’s running fine now, thanks again.