Linux Server Vehicle Crash, No more fix?

Unless I am retarded, the normal location where is has now been replaced by other files. Is there a new way to fix this problem or is linux just fucked again?

I tested this on a Linux server, and uh, results are a bit weird. It appears when I spawn a Jeep when you create the server right away, it doesn’t crash, and when spawn it around 30 minutes later, it does. For the airboat, it actually does crash.

Just block vehicle/jeep/other. Seats are still functional - no big deal unless your server revolves around cars.

I have. Unfortunately sometimes just clicking the spawn button causes a crash because it will spawn for a split second before it reads as blocked.

There is the problem, that NOBODY want to start it first.

Does anybody know WHY eactly does it glitching? The part of wrong code, eh?
Why not to fix it by ourselfs? I saw, that many peoples started to fixing, but dropped these idea, because the do not have enought Source and C++ scripting skills >:C

Darn it.

Azui has fixed it 3 times now, and Valve committed the fix (but reverted it as it broke Mac).

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unable to reproduce though,

Banana Lord., never heared about this user.
Can You give us Link to (fixed (orly?))?


Banana Lord., danke shön!

crasing sounds Darn! Not helped.

No, what I mean is that since an update a while back, all the files are dylib now and vphysics isn’t even there anymore.

I haven’t updated my server’s binaries in a few weeks, maybe something changed in the engine that’s causing the crash?

No clue. I was hoping someone had figured it out but I guess not.

I heard someone was trying to work on some custom physics for GMod 13 so we don’t need to use valves anymore and have issues like this and garry is keeping an eye on it. That was a while back though.

Banana Lord’s fix still works for me.

There is one pig problem: vehicles do crash until FPP + sbox_maxvehicles == 2.

Just not saving server from crash.