Linux Server Wont Load Entities

I have been running my gamemode on a windows server for the past 3 months and recently purchased a server through a company which hosts off Linux.
My entities will not load, in console it reads:

L 02/12/2013 - 11:55:30: Lua Error: [AddCSLuaFile] Couldn't find 'weapons/bz_safecracker/shared.lua' (<nowhere>)
[AddCSLuaFile] Couldn't find 'weapons/bz_hands/shared.lua' (<nowhere>)
[AddCSLuaFile] Couldn't find 'weapons/bz_hands/shared.lua' (<nowhere>)

Does the directory need to be setup differently for Linux servers?
It works fine as is on the windows server…

I’ve tried to pack the entities up into their own addon and it still prints the same problem

do you have any of the folders uppercase by chance?

Yes! They all have uppercase letters in them. I’m attempting to remove the upper case lettering from one and seeing what happens. If that fixes it I owe you <3