Linux servers.

Anyone running one, do they function well can you run addons well any problems, I’m wanting to get one but I don’t know if they are stable enough, any insights would be great.

Linux Gmod servers are buggy at best and non-functional at worst. I have one right now and it has so many problems with addons that it gives me a headache.

If you’ve never used Linux before, or aren’t well versed in bash, I’d recommend you don’t mess with it.

What addons do you have ? (GigaBite)

ECS, Wire and a few other things. Wire developers think they’re so clever using AlTeRnAtInG caps in file names and not in the Lua code itself, which makes me have to go around and create tons of symlinks to turn BlaH into blah, god it’s irritating.

Hahah so true, some of my other addons doesn’t work because of this. It’s shit!