Linux, Source SDK, -tools?

Anyone know any work-arounds for using the launch option “-tools” with garrysmod under linux?

Are they’re any other tools that work in creating .pcf valve compliant formats? Can these be created in-game with lua? I dont neccessarly need a gui to create the particle system, I’m familiar with the routine.


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Source sdk seems to not be available via steam for linux

-tools should work in GMod since the latest update.

I know! I was excited to see that in the update notes. However…running with -tools errors with a failed to load the <- part of the sdk content.

The .so is clearly linux. But steam will not let me download the sdk for my platform.

Should I just download this file elsewhere? I’m not sure whats needed beyond this one file, as its the first and only error currently.

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Seems like a troll by steam, for trying to load a .so file but not let me download the sdk for linux…

I want to create particle on linux :frown:

You can create particles with HL2 or TF2 and use that in GMod.

Doing this with HL2, simply causes it to not launch and shows no errors.

^ same thing for TF2. Garrysmod seems to be the only thing to actually show an error.

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What is needed to run the -tools?

From a quick search on “vstdlib”, it seems its part of the source sdk.

I cannot download the “Source SDK”, But I CAN download the “Source SDK Base 2013 Dedicated/Multiplayer/Singleplayer”. Not sure whats, what.

If it doesn’t work with HL2/TF2, then you are fucked.


You seem to be implying I dont need any sdk to use the -tools. Is this correct?

You don’t need any SDK, just the game that has a particle editor.

hmm is there anything I can do to view more information on the error:

“AppFramework failed to load module:”

Like, a “detailed print of error/debug” launch option?