[Linux SRCDS] Segmentation Fault

Hello everybody.

I have to say that there are no plugins on my server, just installed CSS, TF2 and then GMOD, but got segmentation fault.

So, decided to google, and then I’ve followed this thread http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1222674, where I updated my bin files with the ones provided there. I’ve searched and researched and found nothing. All the things I’m replacing give me more errors or keep getting Segmentation Fault.

I can somehow get it to work but the console spams “Your server needs to be restarted in order to receive the latest update”, also I can’t connect to the server as it says it’s running an old version of the engine.
Can someone please explain me how to get a linux server properly working?

I’m having the same error since yesterday. Would be nice to know how i could start a Garry’s Mod Server.


The changelog of the next version says that it will be fixed after the next patch.

Fixed Linux Dedicated Server

Oh man. It seems like over the last couple of weeks I’ve fixed one thing and broken another - constantly. Well linux is fixed again. In the code changes recently a lot of the libraries had _srv added to the file name - so they were different from the client linux versions. I followed this standard and lua_shared_srv.so was created.. but the code was still referencing lua_shared.so.

I hope that this will fix the error :suicide:

So what does this exactly mean?

How can we fix it?