[Linux] Stuck on EasyAntiCheat 0%

I only just bought the game, simply because I liked the idea of it and it looked appealing to me. I installed it flawlessly using the steam client (installed on debian wheezy) and proceeded to start the game. Manifests etc loaded as they should, but then the game got stuck at “Loading EasyAntiCheat 0%”.

I spent some time googling and it appears this is a problem for ALL linux users.

Can someone please confirm that this is a global problem and can someone shed any light on if this will be fixed in the near future or not?

Does anyone know what the actual problem is?

Is there any way I/we could help out and fix it? I.e help write some gode for the EAC?

Thanks in advance,


Are you loading from Wine or native steam?

Rust loads up for me on native steam.

Native steam… Fresh install yesterday :slight_smile:

Very strange. I’m running Linux Rust as well on Ubuntu 15.04 x64 without issue. What distro are you using?

Running Debian wheezy 7.8. Installed steam via the GhostSquad57 script located here https://github.com/GhostSquad57/Steam-Installer-for-Wheezy (They pretty much install a separate version of libc that’s compatible with steam).

However if the game is working for you guys, with EAC, I guess I was wrong in my assumption that the bug mentioned on google is still present. I will try a reinstall or something.


This error usually occurs when the game cannot connect to the EAC servers. Make sure:

  1. Rust and the EAC Client have access to the internet and are not blocked by your firewall.
  2. Your Router and/or ISP allow access to the EAC servers.
  3. Your anti-virus isn’t blocking the connection (if you have one of coarse).

Something similar happened to me in Windows after a Rust+Windows update and I had to reinstall EAC as Admin. I haven’t used linux a lot but maybe the EAC client doesn’t have proper permissions and needs added to a group?

Maybe try launching from terminal so you can see where it is hanging?

I’d also watch the terminal for errors (privleges while installing, missing dependencies, etc) while running that ghostsquad installer script and make sure it was being installed by an elevated user. If you’re really desperate and either comfortable with linux or nice and backed up, you can maybe check and remove all the dependencies (including those needed by other programs) before wiping the game/EAC/Steam and reinstalling. I have shortcutted (on my own machine, not in a distributed install script) to different versions of library files and dependencies to make things work in the past because I couldnt find the one I needed for puppy linux and I could see something being installed later and calling one of my shortcuts and getting a version it can’t actually use but not erroring on the install (though it would still error in terminal when launching/running). Reinstalling Steam feels like it’s probably unnecessary though.

You might also look into the wave of bad EAC bans a few days ago. From what I gather, a lot of people dropped at once shortly after a Rust update and then Caught an EAC single server (bug) ban from the one they were on when attempting to rejoin. I’d almost suspect the EAC client needs updated for Linux.