Linux support or EAC support on wine?

Why does Facepunch oblige us to play only on Windows? If you removed the official support for Linux, thereby giving a damn about our community, then why at least don’t give the opportunity to play with Wine? Specifically, the problem is that we cannot play with it on official servers, since EAC cannot start normally in the Wine \ Proton environment

I ask you to at least provide the game on official servers through Wine \ Proton, not to mention support for the Linux platform.


Linux is too small for facepunch to care about, unless that changes there wont be official linux support for most of their stuff

Linux support may be coming soon. Garry said on Twitter that Facepunch is working with EAC to bring games on Linux since the Steamdeck is an Arch based distro.

This is what I am going off of:

Take it as you will

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good news