Linux Texture Issues

I’ve searched through the forums and can’t seem to find anyone with the same problem as I am having.

It seems the game wants to run well on my Arch Linux installation however the ground / sky textures seem to be missing.

I made a test recording of my desktop to illustrate what i’m seeing. I might add that if I play at fullscreen the game does work but it randomly freezes and the only way to get it going again is to switch to another application and back again but I think this may be aggravated by the missing textures.

If anyone has any suggestions i’m willing to test things. I can play things like Team Fortress 2 and Starbound with no issues and this game mostly seems to work as well.

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Going to go ahead an post my debug log from a similar session it may be of use to the developers.

the problem is with your intel graphics
those drivers arent enough for this game. it only fully supports opengl 2.1 afaik 3.x features are still missing at least some of them

edit: try updating you drivers if there are more recent ones… mesa 10 for example

Thanks for the reply Xpander. This is rather unfortunate I could try and dual booting in windows and see if the game works there.

Frustrating that I can play other 3d games but not this one.

you have to still take into account that Rust is early access game and done in 2013…those other games arent really taxing. TF2 is quite old… like 5+ years etc.

anyway poking intel graphics devs might help … also try updating your mesa … i heard lots of things implemented in mesa 10 … its probably not in stable repos yet though… but worth a shot if you want to try to play

Updating mesa from git for 64bit no problem updating for 32bit libs is a bit more interesting…

It looks like this game runs the 32bit executable correct me if i’m wrong. I moved the 32bit executable and made a symlink to the 64bit one and tried to fire it up from steam that way but the game doesn’t load it just sits at the starting loading screen.

Anyhow I will update here if I have any success.

64bit executable has some problems atm

so you need 32bit libs to be able to play

edit: according to first post in you can use his PKGBUILD fix to update 32bit ones