Linux 'Try Experimental' has no servers? (again)

Last few days there hasn’t been any servers listed in the ‘Try Experimental’ part of the default branch (no official or community servers listed). Tried re-installing/etc but no change. Other players have mentioned they were currently online and playing yet I didn’t have any servers in my list. Anyone else having this issue in Linux? Even after today’s update the problem persists. I’m in Arch if it makes a difference.

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Another post mentions using ‘client.connect’ but that server isn’t returning a response.

No problems on this end, Ubuntu 14.04.

You’re not the first person I’ve seen post about this problem, and the other post was a windows user, so I think it’s not an isolated to Linux incident.

what does pinging/tracerouting the server give you?

if I use nmap on the ip:port mentioned I get:

Nmap scan report for (
Host is up.
29015/tcp filtered unknown

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Doubled checked server list. Empty.

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pinging the ip gives me

5 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 3999ms

Do you get “#6554” in the top right corner when you launch the game?



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The console shows an error. Not sure if its related.

[Coherent UI] (Warning) PID: 21943 | 21943 22:50:38.674129 Requesting resource read for coui://html/assets/img/flags/((currentLanguage)).png with internal id 63 reported FAIL

Have been experiencing same issue on Mac for the past 3 days. Although works perfectly on PC and shows proper version of branch. So yeah, just need to wait until they notice and fix it.

Well, I had a friend of mine join the dev server. I was able to see the server in the friends tab. I was able to join it as well. Just doesn’t show up in community or official server list.

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But the server doesn’t show up in the history/etc. So I have to follow someone into the server until the list is fixed.

After today’s update I was able to see the dev server in the community list and join it. Nice work Facepunch.