Linux VPS - Server Freeze/Crash

Have any of you guys experienced your server just freeze and stop doing anything? As in you can’t type into the command line and you have to manually close the terminal and reopen manually? This is annoying for me, because I host the server in America, and it normally happens when I’m asleep, so the server is down for “prime time”.

Its been happening more and more frequently, and I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this, and/or has a fix or a work around?

I have been playing with: (For some reason I can’t find the download for the pearl script that works on linux anymore even though I downloaded it a few days ago) and it works, kinda. Problem with this is that it, only detects its down sometimes, so this isn’t effective at all.

Any advice?

I never found a work around, I eventually made a script that checks every so often to make sure the server is still running. I will try to find it.

What exact OS are you using? Is the server running in a screen?

I don’t think it matters much because the process responds normally to commands, it just doesn’t do anything.

When you run something in Linux, if it’s not in a screen, once your ssh client closes, the program closes. Screen will keep the program running regardless what happens.

That just what i was gonna say. It’s probably just your client timing out of putty or whatever your using. If your run it in screen, make sure your server is only running on one instance of screen or else shit hits the fan.

Sometimes the crash handler doesn’t catch it, happens to my servers on a daily basis.

– snip –

So nothing I can do?

I personally use Ubuntu Server 12.04 x64. If you don’t have anything to lose, go ahead and install it, and you’re good to go

(Don’t forget apt-get update)

This is what I use already, but the problem still occurs from time to time.

This never happens to my server running on Debian 7, you should probably check for plugins that might be responsible this. Maybe it is the cause of some sort of infinite loop.
The reason the built in crash “checker” doesn’t detect hangs is because it basically waits for the srcds process to terminate and then restarts it, if you are in an infinite loop it will never terminate.