[Linux] What the hell is going on?

Hello everybody,

I don’t care how many threads get made regarding the utter cock-up which is the Linux client, so don’t even bother telling me about the other threads. The Linux client hasn’t been working properly since day one of it’s release. First the mouse cursor issues, the the game got completely broken. That got fixed, but oh look the mouse cursor is still an issue.

But don’t fret, there is a “fix”. Just do the following in your config file (located at .local/share/Steam/SteamApps/common/rust/cfg/config.cfg)

cursor.lock True
cursor.recenter True
cursor.uncenter False

Oh yay, a fix. Launch game, join server… Oh bollocks! The game locked up… Mash the Alt+Tab buttons, oh goodie it’s responding ag… Oh never mind, it locked up… again… Rinse, repeat… Alt+F4, now bugger off.

Moral of the story, the Linux client is broken. It’s pretty much unplayable. Oh wait, did I say pretty much? I mean it’s completely unplayable! Rust could be, and I believe would be, a great game. But I’m full of shit and the only reason I bothered to buy Rust is because of Linux. And now I kinda feel like I made a mistake… Well, at least with buying early access.

And to everyone who is going to tell me that this is Early Access, the game is still in development, blah blah blah. Yes, I bloody know that. That is no excuse for the horrible state the Linux client is in.

So, I’m going to get of my little soap box and continue to patiently wait for something magical to happen with the Linux client. So I bid thee farewell… for now.

TL;DR - Fix the bloody Linux Client!

It’s in Alpha.