LinxRP Coder For Hire

Well. LinxRP server is looking for a coder who can:
Make Custom Menus
Edit Hidden Codes
Create Custom Entities (Or you can edit pre-made ones)
Obviously Make Jobs
LinxRP server is looking for a coder who:
Doesn’t Minge
Isn’t Too Perverted (This will lower the list by 25% most likely)
Has Had Previous Experience

Also, if you have more skills, please list them! We are wanting as many talented people to apply. Our sites are:
Server Site
Server Forums

We are quite new so here is the IP:

Also, this is LinxRP’s current coder talking to you so you must be better than me. My rp sucks ATM so don’t base it too much off of that.

Also, Do NOT brag of your skills. We like polite people who aren’t boasting all the time. We also like people with good humor. Hope you apply! We really need coders ONLY for our DarkRP server. Our soon to be fretta is handled by me. I’m soon releasing a map and a gamemode called War! with some help with Gh0stRec0on, or Threx.

Also, please suggest people if you do not qualify.

You don’t “Need” A coder for DarkRP. All you need is common knowledge, enough to find a editor and get it to work. From there its just copy and paste skills, and entities like printers and stuff are easy too, once again copy and paste. Basically, you don’t need a coder.

You don’t see the point. We need someone who can make custom menus, and someone who can make GOOD roleplays. Their current scriptor is tired of scripting, but can do this. And it is not just copy and paste skills. You would make a horrible roleplay.

Honestly, Lua isn’t that hard to learn. You’d be surprised at what you can do after a few tutorials on

Dammit, I had all the requirements except for “Isn’t Too Perverted” Damn, that’s too bad!

Want a good roleplay? Don’t use DarkRP.

Bash the players not the script.


Well sam, we do enjoy humor. Hmmm… Go to the forum link and show us some of your skills?

I am, the players that are going to end up joining are all 7 years old, and won’t even know what role-playing is, then your admins will have so many bans set out they will go insane and give up/commit suicide.


That has nothing to do with the script, that has to do with the players.

Nice try though, I respect the attempt(s).

I quit the server rofl… It’s over now so you can contact the owner here… even though i think it will only cause you trouble… :/.

The Owners Steam Profile

This x 1000.