Lioness Mount from “TERA Online”
Original Model by " Bluehole Studio Inc."[/t]

• New custom Eyeballs with HD-Mod Textures from

• 4 different Sizes
• 2 Skingroups for the Fur (Black and Natural)

• 8 Skingroups for the Eyes
[t][/t] [t][/t]
[t][/t] [t][/t]

• Bodygroups for:

• Face- / Eyeposable with Joint Tool:


Content can be found under: “…garrysmod/models/TheMask/Lions/”

If you don’t want the eyes to glow, open the specific eyes0* .vmt
and change

"$selfillum"		"1"


// “$selfillum” “1”


"$selfillum"		"0"

Special Thanks to:

Ninja Nub[NOR], Oogaboogaman, Gnin and Squiddy

Download Model here:

neat job


Sweet jesus.


Great work, Mask. :smiley:

Excellent release, thanks so much!

Riding kitty.


Except that was a tiger, if I’m not mistaken, not a lion.

I can’t wait to make this my new personal skin to capture my inner feline.

well they look like from the lion king, cause there was a black one and the color by it in the picture.

Now for Rastifan to make lion sex poses.

this is from tera online?

This looks really nice, didn’t know TERA has such great animal models :o

As opposed to ddok and viper’s “tacticool all terrain multijoint frontline troop transport with super multicam chaingun turret” poses?

better throw some more scopes and LAMs on that lioness.

Wow. Pretty much the best animal model I think I have seen. Wonderful work.