★★★ LIONHEARTS ★★★ [UK Server|Friendly Admins|Mature Players|No Abuse/Hackers|English ONLY]

Gentlemen … it is Time!

Join us and we’ll make sure you can actually ENJOY playing Rust again! We are a friendly community, have active admins and a zero tolerance for abuse or hackers. You won’t have to put up with the onslaught of kill-on-sight raiders, trolls, griefers and the annoying alien jibberish being spoken on voicechat. Connect today, build, evolve and fight for that chicken breast … we guarantee you’ll experience the same joy and rush of adrenaline when you first played a survival game!

F1 CONSOLE -> net.connect

Last wiped 23/02/2014

Welcome aboard son … we’ll see you on the other side!

Stay safe,

This is a good server, has active admins which are very friendly, might just make it to my new all time server.

Great server! Seems like it runs without any problems or lagg. Defiently gonna start here!
Keep up the good work guys!

Started playing yesterday, so far I have only good words about this server.

Friendly/helpful admins, no hackers around, no insulting, very good server performance. This is server I will be playing actively for sure. Good luck.

Great server! Friendly admins Great people definitely Reccomend joining it !

hey finally, a decent server
+1 for everyone involved & great admins
back to farming peasants :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks fun! I will try this server later today!

Just posting to let everyone know that tomorrow at 13:00 we will be wiping the sever.
Myself and the rest of the admins are really happy with the progress made over the past few days and are looking forward to the sever expanding after the wipe!!
We look forward to seeing you in game!!

This is a good server, it has active and friendly admins that want to help players as best as they can, there are no hackers and from the looks of things the server has the potential to grow well.

server just got wiped!

Wow fantastic server great admins also met a few pro players love it

More than 50 people online, great progress.

Admin also made amazing event today, glad I won it haha.

Kits added to the server now "Starter = 2 Cooked Chicken, 1 stone hatchet!

Server updated to newest version!

Sever up, however it’s not showing up on the list so to join you will need to press F1 to access the CONSOLE and then type net.connect see you in game :slight_smile:

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Okay so our sever is now showing under the Community tab we are fixing oxide and the plugins now :slight_smile:

Alright sever is back up and running just like before the update, IP again -

Will be adding more mods tomorrow around 15:00 PM sever will be down for 5 mins max =)

All Plugins back on server, Hope you enjoy the server !

This is a decent server only played for an hour or two and already made friends, good fun and very good ping

Great sever started playing today friendly people and admin. Would suggest to anyone!!!