Lip Syncing

How do we do lip syncing in GMod animations? I looked at tutorials but i am using custom sounds like ‘how are we doing’ from a voice actor, so how would I get this to work?

i’m going to assume that you’re using tf2 characters since those are the most commonly used, but any character with the appropriate facial controls can be used as well.

first of all, i recommend you do a little reading on phonemes and visemes, as these are what source characters use to make the correct lip movements.

i’m not sure how you’re animating but it’s probably stop motion, so you’re probably going to be using the face poser to manipulate a character’s face. i don’t know of any easier ways to mess with the facial expressions

thanks, do you have a link at phonemes and visemes?

i’m using henry’s animation tool

bit o googlin wouldn’t hurt ya

cheers, but this still doesn’t explain what facial expressions i am supposted to use on the face manipulator

This video tutorial pretty much shows everything you need to know. Even though it was made with Gmod 12, the face poser settings and sliders are still the same in Gmod 13.