Lip syncing

I’ve seen some amazing videos out there with awesome lip syncing, especially this video: . Most videos do this kind of thing with frame by frame screenshots, but then I thought, what if it isn’t? Is there a tool/stool that uses the faceposer to play multiple expressions that give the illusion of talking?

I think they use the Source SDK I don’t know.

How can you make ragdolls play a choreograph scene?

I know it’s possible:

There’s some addons that can make npcs do animations

What? I’m talking about ragdolls saying stuff.

i dont know exactly, but you have to first make the scene in faceposer, then put it somewhere (not sure) then go into gmod and look at a ragdoll, then type in some weird code and baddbing.

Google it for a better explanation

I did Google it, but I got nothing helpful, but I do understand the first thing you said, I tried it though. But it’s possible I did it wrong, so I guess I’ll try again.

But the video I posted above says he needed a script for the ragdolls to speak, so I doubt trying the console commands again will do any good, but I’ll try anyway.

A script is usually composed of commands, most of which are usable in the console.

Even lua scripts?

Ok so I once again did “ent_fire !picker setexpressionoverride scene” commands to ragdolls, with no result. But it does obviously work for NPCs.

So I suspect LUA, but I’m no coder. Anyone have any ideas?

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