Liquid DarkRP - a DarkRP with many features


This is the release of a gamemode I made over a year ago. Some things may not be well coded, but hey look at perp! Haha.
Originally by (all me), my new community - going to be releasing some big stuff soon.
This gamemode is all by me. This is not a leak and it does not have any backdoors.[/release]

Inventory with weight etc (add more items via shared file)

GREAT TRADING SYSTEM with a chat, live updates, nice icons, background blur, :slight_smile:

Banking system with weight etc

Skills system (edit and add more skills via shared file) gain exp by doing the things the skills say (ie keypad crack for hacking etc) then buy a skill level

Paycheck system

Changable HUD

NPCs (add more via shared file)

Mining (many different kinds of rocks - editable in shared file!)

Crafting (add more crafting items via shared file)

Tutorial (with NPC to repeat it)

Stores, drug dealer

Printer upgrade system with easily changable and addable upgrades in the shared file!

The mayor can specify a lockdown reason. Different lockdown display too.

If you don’t use FAdmin, a custom scoreboard

Not the best, but a custom q menu

Bail NPC

Rules NPC. You should change the URL though

Custom chat (NOT BY ME, bit modified)

Extensive growing system (add more growable items with ease in the shared file - even easier then PERP! custom models by my modeler) Growing levels, with EXP for growing + different plants with different levels. LEGAL PLANTS TOO!
Random image of a plant and printer

Mayor assassination stuff.
Tons of other features I didn’t even list. Everything has slidy animations and other crap. Some stuff may not be 100% finished.
Some models by my old modeler zzzdude and maybe others.

Newest version (1.3) with skin changer and hitman system and the such (MAY BE BUGS, THIS WAS FOR A CUSTOMER):

Warning! Jackool doesn't work on this anymore. Refer to this new thread:

Current Version: Public Release 1.2
The server will automatically tell you when updates come out (you can remove this feature in sh_liquiddrp.lua).
[Download here](

Update log
Version 1.1
Added a way to add the spawn for the crafting table Look where you want the crafting table to be and type “ldrp_craftingtable” in the console. Will save too!
• Hopefully fixed that bug with spawning/etc people were having.
• Remove fadmin by default, change in sh_liquiddrp.lua at the top by uncommenting – UseFadmin = true (will use base scoreboard without)

Version 1.2
• Added a scoreboard if you have FAdmin off. Not too much eye raping blue.
• Made it so only drug dealer plants remove on job change.
• Removed pocket completely, there is an inventory for a reason.
• Made it so player’s can’t use tool on NPCs, rocks, etc.
• Added an option to allow paycheck stacking in sh_liquiddrp.lua
• Added an option to turn the skybox override on or off in sh_liquiddrp.lua (also you can choose what to replace it with)
• Added command to add VIPs manually. Thought I would be nice. Have fun getting rich :slight_smile: type ldrp_addvip “name” Saves too!
• Added command to spawn rocks manually. ldrp_spawnrock ‘Rock Name’ rock types:
• Added a way to remove the qmenu using the sh_liquiddrp.lua file. Change LDRP_SH.DisableQMenu to true
• Added the “Lockdown Reason” to the features list.
• Added a changelog for Liquid DarkRP in main Liquid DarkRP directory
• Commented out hitman job since I never added the features for him


Yeah I know, what the fuck was I thinking with the colors?! Oh god the blue it hurts my eyes! etc.

The gamemode was meant for the map rp_downtown_v4c but can probably work on rp_downtown_v4c_v2. Things like the rock positions and maybe more would have to be reset.
In fact it will work on any map if you reset some stuff. Much easier to setup than it is to with PERP on a new map.
Here is a download to rp_downtown_v4c (THESE MAPS WERE NOT CREATED OR MODIFIED BY ME)

… and rp_downtown_v4c_v2

Wiki documentation coming soon :slight_smile:

Some notes on editing:
To select a spawn for the crafting table, look where you want it to be and type “ldrp_craftingtable” - this will save!
To spawn the NPCs, look where you want them to spawn then type ldrp_npcpos “NPC Name” - Here are a list of NPCs
“Paycheck Lady”
“Drug Dealer”
“General Store”
“Bail NPC”
“Secret NPC”
“Tutorial Lady”
Type ldrp_spawnrock “rock type” in the console to manually spawn a rock as admin. These are rock types
To add a VIP as admin type “ldrp_addvip targetname” in the console
Too lazy to setup npc spawns? Throw this ldrp_npcpositions.txt file into your server’s garrysmod\data\ folder.

Also, another useful command is “ldrp_map”; to add an automatically removed on start door/etc, look at it and type “ldrp_map addremove”.
To add a saved prop in the map (frozen, you can set it’s color/material too :slight_smile: ) do “ldrp_map addprop”

Take a look through LiquidDRP_Release\gamemode\liquiddrp\sh_liquiddrp.lua - there is tons of stuff to edit there.
LiquidDRP_Release\gamemode\liquiddrp\sh_qmenu.lua has some stuff for props in the q menu and tools and such. I am not a big fan of my q menu though hah.
LiquidDRP_Release\gamemode\liquiddrp\sv_mining.lua has rock spawn positions like this:
LDRP.AllRockPositions = {Vector(-2976,-1981,-496),Vector(-2981,-1781,-496),Vector(-2131,-1987,-496),Vector(-2073,-3740,-952),Vector(-1712,-3672,-952),Vector(-1454,-970,-705),Vector(-45,1116,-720),Vector(294,-1781,-496),Vector(452,464,-448)}
These are for rp_downtown_v4c in the underground areas (v2 version of v4c does not have these areas). To get positions just look at spot and type ldrp_getpos for a vector like above.
Rocks have rarity levels changable in the shared file and other stuff.

Yeah yeah yeah it’s darkrp, oh well it’s a release. This is old, and I’ve much improved and become more optimized (not using DarkRP anymore, new gamemode from scratch)
And it uses CSS realistic which also sucks.

and hey, if you want me to add to the DarkRP, hire me as a coder. I mean it is my DarkRP and all. Check out my Lua hire advertisement here. My email and steam page to add me are on there.
Have fun guys! Let’s see how this goes. Any huge bugs just tell me about and I’ll fix and release an update here.

Servers that people submitted to me
Next Tier Gaming - - Sent by Phunky Phish. - Sent by FP user supersnail11. by FP user mogey5101.

omg i remember playing this last year

Looks very nice, going to test this on lan!

I was a mod on the original server, and his coding is great. It was a ton of fun.

I’m hosting a low ping, hyperaccelerated LiquidRp server 24/7 at through my community Next Tier Gaming.

Props pal, and thanks for the public release! Jackool is a great choice for coding needs!

If anything isn’t working please report back with an error. Someone messaged me it didn’t work or something, tired tonight will fix tomorrow.

(although seems to work fine on my PC)

Although, dat vgui color.
I’ll change it for myself though :v:

yeah like I said in the post…

Yeah I know, what the fuck was I thinking with the colors?!

so much blue… it’s like ocrp’s orange all over again but worse.

That is awesome work for a DarkRP edit. You did a really nice job!

Its not like blue is a terrible color, that blue is just eye-raping. Good work on this though.

Awesome, thanks a lot mate. Can’t wait to install this <3


I’d be glad if people would post IPs to their Liquid DarkRPs, I’d even put em’ in the first post :slight_smile:

I’m glad I have released it too. It’s quite old and dusty.

Report any bugs with errors here.


:slight_smile: I remember you, you were a customer of mine I think.

Well, at least you didn’t call it “LiquidRP”

I personally think that it’s one of the best spinoffs that originated from DarkRP that I have ever seen.

I was. Great job putting your talent to use

A good darkrp mod? Okay. Looks good. :slight_smile:

Jackool, out of curiosity, why did you release this to the public?

Why this was released:
Jackool’s old coder that helped him out, had released the gamemode to my friend, My friend paid $60 for this gamemode, and an hour later. . it is released on FP. :stuck_out_tongue:
Dick move.

Don’t push your luck !!

Wow, well done jackool.
Just to let you all know, I hired jackool to make me a drag and drop inventory. His work is outstanding. Thank you very much for releasing this jackool, will be hosting it soon! :smiley:

the colors make me sick, but thanks man, nice release