Liquid DarkRP - Because Jackool Disappeared

This is the new release thread for Liquid DarkRP. I’ve picked up the project since Jackool quit coding/stopped playing GMod altogether.
He said it was fine in the old thread, so here it is.


-Inventory with weight (Add more items in the shared file)
-Trade system with live updates, chat, and icons.
-Bank system for your items with weight.
-Skills system. You gain EXP by doing the things the skills say to do, then you buy the levels. (Add more items via the shared file)
-Paychecks with a ConVar that determines whether or not to use a paycheck lady.
-Customizable HUD (To an extent)
-NPCs (Again, add more via the shared file)
-Mining with many types of rocks (I think you know where to config these, but if you’re retarded, in the shared file)
-Crafting (Add more craftable items via the shared file)
-Tutorial with an NPC to repeat it.
-Stores, including a drug dealer.
-Printer upgrade system with easily customizable and addable upgrades in the shared file.
-Customized Lockdowns. The mayor can specify a reason.
-If you don’t want to use FAdmin, there is a custom scoreboard!
-A (Somewhat gross looking, Don’t know what Jackool was thinking) custom Spawnmenu!
-Rules NPC(Change the URL) and a Bail NPC.
-Custom chat(Not by Jackool or me)
-Growing system with custom models by Jackools old modeler(Thats all the old OP says)[/t]

Newest Commit: You no longer have to see the horrid blue! A custom theme system was implemented(by Jackool) and theres also prop protection if you don't want to use FPP(Also by Jackool)

Up until now I forgot to use the version Dakotacss leaked and Jackool said to use, so I now am using that.

There is a plugin system(Useful for developers), put code in the ‘dlc’ folder(Must have the appropriate prefix like ‘cl’, ‘sh’, or ‘sv’. And if you put ‘_loadafterdarkrp’ then it will load after DarkRP)

The newest version of this will always be available here through SVN:
I’m only putting it up on SVN for now, although if enough people want it as direct download, I can provide that too.

All updates to this will be put in the OP, and suggestions will also be taken!

I’ll just quote the old OP here, way too lazy to type it:


I would recommend using something other than spawn icons for the items.

If you have something equipped how do you put it in your inventory?

Penguin, try typing “/holster”. I think that should work.

set up Deadman123 bot like Banana Bot v2!

Hm I’ll have to look into that

it’s actually fairly easy once you figure out how to use the google commit hook system

Yeah I was looking into that last night at 2am when I was setting up the svn :v:


Test le test more

Use the newer version on the last page of the thread. It has a new skin system so you don’t have to see that horrible blue color.
(plus I fixed crap in that version)

Thanks, updated OP and commited that.


[del]Starting to work on an update now. Any ideas?[/del]
Scratch that for now, GMod is broken :C

Back on track. Anyone have ideas/bugs I need to fix?

yea, you should post a youtube video like a trailer/ad cause I was trying to get this Owner to make his server Liquid DarkRP and sent him the link and than he banned me reason: scam cause he didn’t find this gamemode on youtube :frowning:

I have an idea, you should add different printers that can still be upgraded they just cost more/less or you should make it so when you press f2 on a printer it gives you a list of different upgrade like speed, amount, and long lasting so there more upgrades :smiley:


What have you updated and improved so far, because all I read about is stuff that Jackool did himself.

Nothing so far except a few optimizations and some code cleaning, noone will give me ideas and I’m comepletely dry on them.

make a good HUD

Yeah, I was designing one the other day but it looked bad so I’ve been working a new one.