Liquid in Containers concept help

Hello, I’m in need of some assistance/guidance of some sort. I’m attempting to create a model an effect similar to that shown on Team Fortress 2’s Jarate and Manmelter; a liquid within a glass container, of sorts. I have no idea how to approach this, so any help will be so very appreciated.

inb4 Yeah, I’m new to modeling.

jigglebones? I think I read somewhere that’s how that worked.

Well, I at least know that much. I can figure out how to apply a jigglebone from elsewhere. My problem is actually physically modeling the glass and the liquid inside. I’ve attempted to look at the Jarate in 3DS Max, but the actual jar, not the cap, has no loaded texture. I can tell that the object is separate from the cap, due to a second texture for it, and an additional texture for the liquid. I want to say that the jar and liquid are two completely different objects, but when I take a look at the Manmelter’s texture for the capsule, this tells me otherwise. I’m utterly stumped. How would I go about modeling it, and what would I need to do/apply to give it its semi-transparent look?

Bumping off of the second page in vain attempt to get help. Can’t finish this model until I figure this out. :C

Model your jar, then model the liquid, add a few loops across the liquid mesh so you have some spots to rig. now make 2 bones, 1 is your base, rig everything to that, second is your jigglebone rig the top half of the liquid to that bone.
Use this jiggle bone setting for that bone.

}$jigglebone "Liquid" {
	is_flexible {
		yaw_stiffness 200
		yaw_damping 6
		pitch_stiffness 200
		pitch_damping 8
		tip_mass 5
		length 30
		angle_constraint 37

I also tested this awhile back when I saw the l4d2 boomer vile.

Ah, thank you so very much! I’ll try this out as soon as I can!

Okay, stupid question. Would I model the jar and the liquid separately, or as the same polygon, with different faces?