is awesome, SnakeDoctor rules!!! Join our servers now!!!!!

I own two servers, build and RP.
All day, they’ve been constantly crashed by chair-spamming from LiquidGame members:

I’d advise you to keep away from LiquidGame servers.

Then ban them, they are probably some noobs trying to give bad reputation to the community by crashing other servers in their name.
Either that or you are the one trying to give liquidgame bad reputation by changing your name to Mike and typing that in chat. Hard to do.

It’s most likely some script kiddie who runs around trying to give liquidgame a bad reputation, ban them or simply ignore them.

What I can say is that none of LiquidGame is involved in that kind of trouble as far as I am aware, but they have had issues with Slob187 in the past that is known for crashing and fucking up stuffs.

It would be way more useful, if you got his SteamId, and looked it up instead of blaming someone without proof other then some chat message anyone can post.

After looking it up at it appears to be a lua virus (again)

Just had a talk with him…

Michael: Hey
[LG-orno?]Snake Doctor: hi
Michael: What was the point of making this shity Lua virus, infected clients keep coming on my server and crashing it
[LG-orno?]Snake Doctor: which one
[LG-orno?]Snake Doctor: oh
[LG-orno?]Snake Doctor: just needed to get more rep for my servers
Michael: But why did you make infected clients crash the server on spawn?
[LG-orno?]Snake Doctor: because server crashes with chat spam in chatbox and people often check the chatbox when server crashes
Michael: How can I block your virus from my server?
[LG-orno?]Snake Doctor: search on, there are some lua anti-viruses on there
[LG-orno?]Snake Doctor: also i’ll give you admin if you post that slob did it on facepunch
Michael: Who is ‘slob’
[LG-orno?]Snake Doctor: the maker of previous virus which spammed slob is awesome in chatbox or something
Michael: But what’s the point?
[LG-orno?]Snake Doctor: because he made a virus before, duh
Michael: If you need to get more people to play on your servers you shouldn’t advertise them this way, as it will only give bad reputation to your community and servers.
Michael: Also I’m posting this chatlog on Facepunch.
[LG-orno?]Snake Doctor: fine dickhead

Michael. That just made me laugh as steam chatlogs display a time.
example copied from some steam chat.

20:19 - Profanwolf: t

Are you trying to throw mud at Liquidgames?.. Wait… Are you that slob guy? Xd

The time thing is toggled via Steam options, actually.

You do know the time tags are optional, right?

Haha, didnt think about it. I just made myself ridiculous :I

Slob187 is a mingebag who likes to crash random servers because his own community is a bag of ass.

The only issue with this is that Snake Doctor have been away for some days.
So go away slob, we don’t need you here.

Might also be interesting to determine the source of the issue. Either snake doctor have access to some external servers that infect players with I doubt do to the fact that he have been away. Or it’s someone else who frames them.

That is Slob187 trolling, Snake has been on a geography trip and only got back 30 minutes ago.

Slobs just trying to get our Member count down when we are releasing URP (Our new gamemode) Which is going to boost member count. So hes just being a dick like usual. So as Empereus said, Ban the spammers and tell them to remove the Lua virus.

Amazing how Snake doctor can’t code Lua but he can make such virus.

I find it interesting, don’t you?


Changing your cfg files in garrysmod/garrysmod or looking on them for weird binds( like binding W to run some lua code ) will eventually fix this if it is the script kiddie virus slob made.

afaik, Slob hasn’t been on GMod since his Steam account got disabled

It’s kind of funny, I just got spammed by “The Mighty 8th” with the same message. I guess my server stands up pretty well, because not only did we not crash, I had time to jail him, mute him, and go on with my day.

He made a new account, and it doesn’t stop him from making viruses.
It sounds like he modified his GMan virus which has already infected many, which made people spam chairs and spam some other message. He probably just changed the message or something.

I fail to understand the point of creating a new account, buying HL2, then buying Gmod just to create a virus. I’m thinking this is some smart ass who decided to get the virus, edit it, and send a new one to deface a community.

He has a new account, and you obviously know of that.

You would be surprised at what Slob would do to piss people off, his parents are rich anyway. If it’s not from Slob then it must be from Radnation or Liberity Gaming.

Yep that is him. The fact his community died and he couldn’t make one turns him jealous against liquid game.