List any bandits you encounter. Warn others.

Hello, Have you ever been a new spawn then died from some kevlar guys with shottys? Post there name here! (mods if this is a repeat post, close this shit)

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lel, +Giggidy

and then there was the name change.

Uh oh.

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+[HvD] Clan

Pointless. Anyone can change their in-game name at-will every hour, even impersonating someone.


**Edit ** : Actually I am just autistic

Why is everyone putting there own name ;-;

man the list goes on and on… These guys are the worst!

Ricky Ricardo

I mean, I could go on for 4 forum pages!

this is the dumbest thread

if you don’t want to be killed don’t play pvp

I mean shit that’s the point of the game.

We aren’t going on about how all the bandits are assholes or whatever raging kids do

A list of the best bandits in Rust is actually a pretty good idea for a thread.

what the fuck you have to pay to kill people now?

Player versus player

literally how could you have possibly gotten that

You said don’t pay pvp

The joke

Your Head

Good job trying to not look clueless but OK if you “Say so”

Holy fuck you said DON’T PAY PVP. I was making a joke that you had to pay for pvp.

typo, but still a pointless joke

this is all totally out of topic, take it to comments for now


Encounter a player, check the list if his name is there, look back at your screen “you are dead”

Hey what about me, I like killing innocent bambies :frowning: