list of bannable expolits

There is any list of bannable expolits? For example, my mate can build hovering buildings, and after wipe he plan to build a clan house what howering and looks like a Enterprisse starship or Millenium Falcon.- and what about howering cupboard boxes? My other mate want to put all external cupboards into the rocks… so i dont what to say them. And what about no recoil macro of razzer mouse? So there is any list of allowed gliches and bannable expolits?

No exploits are bannable in general across servers.

Only a server admin/owner can decide to have bannable exploits. There is no way to have a list - it does not exist for all servers.

Hacks using special software are bannable.

depends on the server community too. some servers are “anything goes” and you won’t get banned as long as you aren’t hacking. other servers will ban you for shooting “non-combatant” players too many times. best bet is have a quiet chat with the admin about what is acceptable, and stick to it.

Generally anything goes as long as you don’t use 3rd party programs to hack.

Our server admin is currently trying to fix the alt-f4 fall damage exploit used for raiding by restoring fall velocity after reconnecting.