List of bugs on my server ( What I noticed myself ) since update 4/09/2015

  1. I kill an animal, and it disapears when killed : cannot loot it.
    The other player who was next to me could see it and could loot it.

  2. Wood sign : I paint them, it is ok, people see them, but for me it is blank : I don t see the painting on some of them like if is disapeared
    If I open the sign, I can see it is painted but the display if empty when looking at it.

  3. I see my house, I see the walls around, but refresh of display is slow, so I see like if the structure was empty at some places… and when I come closer, then I see correctly that the wall is there
    My rig is good : 50 FPS. It is since last update that I have this kind of thing.

  4. We have had no rain since the wipe on the server ( I am using rust admin tool )
    It is in auto mode but I always have bleu sky, and dry.

  5. Lots of animal glitches and impossible to loot
    It was already like this before.

Here are my plugins :

I’ve got strange messages in console when trying to loot wolf corpse via rock.
Also got “The referenced script on this Behavior is missing!”

  1. Animal, try on different angle… That’s what i have noticed, if i can’t loot it, i’ll try on different angle.
  2. Signs happens to me also… Can’t even see sometimes other signs, but i know there should be something.
  3. Never happened with walls or never lost fps from updates. Always 90-100 fps.
  4. It’s too rainy for this server where i play on.

Signs issue for me and server also, thought it might be to do with sign artist plugin, but nope.

Animals when they roll down hill or move from where you shot them become unlootable, cant get nothing from them, been like that for months now. Guess its not much of a big deal for them to fix.

Had issues of people dying and their bodies vanishing instantly.

Rain is fixed.

The rest still present.

Miner / candle hats are busted on our vanilla server. Can’t put fuel in them again.

Admin teleport and free cam are both broken.

Encountered several of the other bugs on the OP’s list as well.