List of current reasons to be banned from toybox?

I know there is uploading other peoples work. I just want a complete list so I can avoid them in the future

  1. No trolling/flamming.
  2. No Cliffhanger Titles.

Basically whatever can get you banned from Facepunch can get you banned from Toybox.

Wowwa wee wowwa !

(User was banned for this post ("Why reply?" - SteveUK))

So all I know is:

  1. No trolling/flaming
  2. No Cliffhanger Titles.
  3. Wowwa wee wowwa !
  4. Don’t steal other peoples work

No Cliffhanger titles? Even if you make COMPLETELY OWN SWEP and different from any other Cliffhangers?

Don’t upload things that don’t work.

I’d imagine uploading NSFW content would be bannable, since it’s not allowed on

No 2 second shit.

I don’t see all of those HURP DE DURP SUPER SMG, PISTOL, CROWBAR, SHOTGUN, AR2 weapons being removed.

Once content uploads have been allowed, then the amount of shitty things in the weapons section has skyrocketed. The amount of 5-second sweps have decimated ToyBox for weapons.

Might want to add it twice … never know …

I haven’t played GMOD recently, but does Toybox have a reporting function?