List Of Garry's Mod 13 Gamemodes


This is amazing. Thank you.

Pistachio’s link is the same as SledBuild’s.

I love you.

Call of Duty Beta Operations is not being ported.

I’ll just be using this link for now on to find gamemodes, thanks!

Pistachio points to the sledbuild thread :v:

Probably should add this information to the gmod wiki too.


How is Pirate ship wars released?


Could you move Minigames to private please? The gamemode is available to play on our server located in the thread itself or on our website and is still being worked on.

Thanks in advance.

releaseee it



I thought you already had it?

On the gamemode list…

PERP is neither supported, free, or easy to obtain, and if obtained, is difficult to fix and make working. Even if obtained, it’s not legal unless purchased directly from the author. It doesn’t need to be on the list.

Why do you hate PERP so much?

I don’t, but it doesn’t work and it’s poorly coded and the author sold it for money, $500 at the time of it’s release. There are so many better alternatives that get ignored, good lua authors who make gamemodes nobody uses, because server owners are too afraid to take a risk and run something different than the norm. They’d rather pirate/purchase a 5 year old crappy gamemode than use the perfectly good ones we have here by very good coders.