List of idea's/First impressions lets help shape this game into something amazing!

I’ve played Rust for about 12 hours now and I think I have a good idea of what I think could improve the game. I understand this is early access but some things could be changed in the future I’m giving my opinion on things which is what an early access game needs. I must say I LOVE Rust. Being a DayZ player since it came out it was nice to see a refreshing take on the survival genre. These are my opinions feel free to disagree with them but lets keep it civil please.

Here is my list

-Naked men, Yes this is hilarious I love it. please keep it but maybe give the option to wear a loin cloth if wanted?

-Radiation zones, Lots of tense moments in there with some player interaction good idea. BUT I believe they should not be in the middle of the road where players navigate to find their friends/houses maybe move the rad zones a bit away.

-Character Animations, this is probably the worst part of the game atm. Gun play is near impossible with how fast you can move. slow down the movement when you have a gun in your hand PLEASE I cannot stress this enough smooth out these animations add more transitions slow them down. this feels like awful G mod gun play. This is a survival game slow paced thoughtful movement are needed not jerky in your face cant hit me movement. I can’t tell you how bad it is that you can sprint through players to avoid them hitting you. Add a peak and lean to the game. make sprint speed slower make walking speed slower. I mean even if it was as good as ArmA 2/ Skyrim i’d be happy. Skyrim movement animations would be perfect for this game. Again this is my opinion you have a right to disagree with it but lets not be insulting if you do disagree eh?

-Crafting, Love it want more of it.

-Hunting/Exploration, Good but could be better. animals just seem to spawn at the same area all the time same with resource gathering lets make it a bit more random? and please make most of the map available to explore with roads/resources to live off the land. I really want to explore this place! It’s just not fun at the moment without animals and wildlife around.

-We need character customization!, I’ve seen the same mans penis about 100 times today lets mix it up a bit in the future.

-Weapons, want more of these beautiful guns the reloading animations/sounds for these weapons are GREAT the m9 reload is just sexy pulling back the bow feels good I just want to see more of this!

-Spawns, another awful part of the game. We need an option to group up with friends and spawn in the same location AWAY from other players i’m not saying spawn on your friends i’m saying when you and your friend are both dead you have an option to group up and spawn in the same location with each other.

-Clothing/Armor, pretty good would like to see more variety though. maybe hunting suits? that would offer less detection by animals? just an idea.

-PVP, A little bit too Gun hoe. we need a way to prevent fresh spawns from being slaughtered by everyone A great way to do this? make them NEEDED by other players instead of spawning in to a gun in your face how about a palm willing to take you in and help get you started? a simple clan system in the game would make things interesting. being able to see who’s online within your clan, set a clans home base.
make rooms for your members.special crafting options for having people in the same area crafting a giant project at the same time.of course this wouldn’t completely rid the KOS mentality it would just stop a lot of it. Some people may hate this idea some may love it but I think rust would benefit from having a faction system. could add a lot of battles to the servers that would require the help of a lot of players.

-Difficulty, I haven’t really had any problems with surviving what nature throws at me. but surviving naked rock assaults is when the game ramps up in difficult. I’d like to balance the two a bit.

Feel free to add more to this list share what you think should be added/taken away. Tell me if you disagree/agree with me but explain why please.

What you said about the PVP is correct.
if you are a naked guy with a rock,you cant depend yourself against a guy with a gun. I died a couple of times while i was gatherign wood near the respawn point by a “bandit” with a gun.

Im going to respond to each topic with my own opinion since playing from August.

-Naked Men: Seems useless and I don’t really see why people care that much, its just human anatomy

-Radiation Zones: You shouldn’t need the roads to navigate. Biggest mountain aka “White Moutain” is North, the Sun rises in East set in the West, the coastline is South. Rad Zones are perfect where they are.

-Character Animations: The animations are at times really clunky, but the game is in an Alpha state. You must not expect Ryse or Skyrim graphics or animations. The game still needs years to polish.

-Crafting: Totally agree, by far my most favorite part in the game.

**-Hunting/Resources: **This has always been my pet peeve about the game that needs some tweaking. The spawns are to dedicated to “hot spots” on the map. 70% of the map beyond white moutain isn’t even habitable yet because of the limited resource spawns. I think (I HOPE) they are fixing some resource and animal spawns to make it easier for fresh spawns to get a stable startup, but if they aren’t I would not be surprsied.

-We need character customization: Meh, I could see this happening in the future, but I dont really see a need for it on the priority list.

**-Weapons: **I agree here, I’m just glad there is finally someone who isn’t constantly bitching about “OH MY GOD HIGH GRADE WEAPONS OPOPOP NERF EVERYTHING NEED MROE SHIT GUNZ PLS!” I think the current state of weapons is imo just fine. People complain about people having m4s and killing people when all they have to do is search a rad zone for a about an hour and get a research kit and paper and look for an M4 in zombies and rad spawns and just defend yourself.

People just go full retard when others shoot at them/kill them because they are never prepared. You don’t realise how overpowered wooden barricades are in PvP which is why I bring 10 on me at all times. If you are even in full cloth with a pistol, you can outplay a kevlar m4 guy with proper barricade placement with medkits. Just because you get killed due to ignorance doesn’t make X gun overpowered/annoying.

-Spawns: I think spawns are fairly okay, it may not be beside your buddy, but it shouldn’t really matter as for finding each other is the experience. It’s not like the map is big either at the moment.(Not sarcasm) Once you find each other just simply make some sleeping bags near each other so when you die you just spawn right beside each other. It seems like most of the time people spawn on the west side of the big ass ridge from white mountain. If you go on the other side of the ridge into “hacker valley” you can find hella resources, but i usually packed with already established players.

-Clothing/Armor: There are 4 complete sets right now which is a fair amount for a game that is in Alpha state. I would LOVE to see Ghillie suits, but would offer very very small amount of protection. Like less than cloth bullet protection :P. Would also like a prone feature too, but thats another topic.

**-PVP: **It is a bit gun heavy, but I think thats the direction garry wants it. I would like to see more mid grade weapons and maybe up the M4 recipe to like 40 low quality metal so when you lose it, you lose a lot. I don’t really think there is a way to prevent someone from killing fresh spawns, because obviously for right now you’re considered a fresh noob. You also need to take in consideration all of the veterans that play also had to go through that phase of being killed on sight until they formed a small group of friends and when they got geared up, they also went and killed people. I don’t necessarily think its that people aim for naked guys its just that they go out raiding/roaming and you basically just kill anyone who isn’t inside of your group since PvP imo is the most fun aspect to the game.

Faction systems seem kinda meh, I don’t think it would necessarily provoke anymore PvP then there is now. People can simply just add a Prefix to their steam name and it would serve the same purpose to actually joining a clan. Most people with prefixes already are in a teamspeak/mumble/skype together so they basically are a clan, just not recognized offically in Rust.

**-Difficulty: **This game is as hard as you make it. If you have no friends to play with NOR do you prepare yourself with items to defend yourself in PvP then yeah, this game is tough for new players. If you semi prep yourself with 9MM, Wood Barricades, Bandages, Cooked food, Metal hatchet(resources), and optional 6 hotkey then its not so bad going out yourself and resourcing.

The difficulty for beginners is that they have no general direction of where to go. There are resource hotspots that are sometimes empty and safe, but they don’t know where or how to get there which comes with experience. You can’t fully blame veterans that they get annoyed when some new guys asking all these questions and if they can’t figure it out they cry about it on the forums and want it simplified.

It approx takes about 20-30mins to get low grade geared to end any rock assault anybody can launch upon you. I would suggest staying far away from the Hangar if you want to resource lol, shits filled to the brim with fresh spawns.

I honestly can’t tell if this is sarcasm or serious.

If serious:
If you are naked with a rock, you can’t defend against a guy with a gun. Truer words have ne’er been spoken. So get a gun, run, or don’t get close to those with guns in the first place.

If sarcasm:
Haha, yeah, true dat!

this reminds me of that radio show where a woman calls in and complains that they should move the deer crossing signs because people are driving through, she suggested to move them away from where people drive.

One thing that i would think is really awesome is if you could like dig for oil and then pump it upp in some way. Then make it in to fuel through refinary or destilation. And then use it to harness electricity by building an electrical motor that could meaby power a house or even a home made car.

The map currently isn’t ready for any sort of vehicle since 30% of the map is only being used.

Very cool idea I like it! Though I’m not optimistic that things like this will be updated any time soon…

given that there isn’t an actual digging mechanic in this game, that would be fairly easy to implement.

If you complain about getting killed now, expect tons of driveby’s then with cars. Cars are complete toxic addition imo.

there is a command to censor nudity if you so wish, censor.nudity true, in your console.

I’d love to see Binoculars in the game. I hate thinking I found a pig far away and run up with a hatchet to kill it and it turns out it’s a wolf. Would also be nice to be able to scope out far away houses, etc.

I have been begging for a Ghillie Suit for a few weeks now. Only time will tell . . .

i wanst being sarcastic.
im not “searching” for people with guns.its just when ever i set up a home and a furance 2-3 bandits show up and blow the shit out of my wooden door and just take everything (and killing me of course)

It takes a while to get a gun.and there are way to many bandits around the sometimes its just impossible.

Welcome to rust. If it were easy to get a gun and build a base, you would be bored in a few days. I know this is hard to understand or maybe even believe when starting out, I know, I had my fair share of bandit rage when I started. Figuring out where to build to stay alive long enough to make progress is a huge part of the game. On the server I am on, I see dozens of shacks along the road, all with the door off. Lesson learned, hopefully.

You will figure it out and will make progress, and when you do, it will feel all the more satisfying. Don’t give up!

The reason that this is happening is because all the players freaking spawn in the same area and you just cant get away from them.

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Being a DayZ vet the first thing I did was leave the whole “road” spawn area the only problem is once you go too far out there are no animals/rocks to resource frome.