list of ideas

-50 hqm

  • requires f1 grenade to get into it
  • half the inventory and size of large chest


  • cheap lighting

Fish tanks/bird cages

  • fish can be placed from traps into tanks (same idea for birds)

Sculptures/mini statues

  • add comfort
    -player made
    -clay found at rivers

Animal pelts can be placed as carpets

  • animals have a chance to drop their pelt when harvested

Batteries can be added to code locks to enhance zap

Salvaged bbq/grill
-dosnt burn food

  • cooks faster

Crafting table

  • items crafted at the station would be enhanced and have abilities
  • instead of metal pick axe it would be “enhance metal pick axe” will have a chance to get upgrades: better resource gather, faster swing, more damage, better durability
    Guns: larger clip, faster reload + draw, recoil reduction, etc
  • crafting with or without the table would have a chance for debuffs (depending on crafting level if it ever comes out )
    -crafting table would have a chance to craft instantly


  • could carry large amounts of resources around the map
  • if map had more water bodies it would be more versatile

A explosive device like c4

  • cheaper
  • less reliable as there’s a range of damage it can do
  • random detonation time (3s-20s)

Ability to go prone

  • when being shot at as a naked u could avoid shots by simply dropping

Variety of arrows

  • metal tip: gives the hit player constant debuff of 20 bleeding until it’s pulled out
  • flam arrow: catches players/animals on fire
  • explosive arrow: damages structures/players

Tower that attaches metal cable too bases

  • pulls and lowers stability dramatically
  • expensive
  • not a lot of health

Ability to mount horses

  • fast transportation
  • goes slower when off of the road

Nuke plant monument has radiation debuff
-it makes sense

Add a rad creature into the game

  • only spawns in rad zone

Tress fall and damages things it lands on

  • is heard from a distance


  • can cross rivers and shallow inlets/bays
  • repairing decay is fast


  • plants for meds
  • veggies
  • poisonous plants ( can coat arrows/melee weapons with the substance )