[List of Issues that need fixing/tweaking]


*Massive FPS Drop Due to AR/Shotgun Fire.

*Sign Paint disappears after a while.

*Footstep sounds double up / don’t stop playing for seconds after you have stopped fully.

*Items like Blood, batteries are in the game but do not build/do anything.

*grass looks like shit, it looks better with grass off/0

*Although it gives good fps, we are culling/not rendering items that probably should be rendered just at much lower pixel cost.

*Rad Towns Still do not kill newmans before they can loot rad town boxes dry ( Fixable by making radiation do more damage faster with less clothes, and also make it so blueprints must be stored/used in a research workbench )

*You should be able to be under water longer before drowning, and also being able to see your approximate breath left would be great as well.

  • waterpipe shotgun only reloads if you have handmade shell and shotgun shell in your inventory and might even use up both shells: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1462160

  • Shrink the size of the open pert in windows to make it so players cannot get through the windows, or add window shutters the bars block your view/gunfire way to much + costs more to upgrade.


*AR should be burst fire only not full auto and only have 20 bullets in clip not 30.

*Bolt Action Should have 1-2 bullets per clip not 4

*Pump Shotgun Should have 4 bullets per clip not 6

*Eoka Should be slightly more reliable.

*Waterpipe shotgun should have a higher drop rate.

*Timed Explosive Charge should be more homemade and should be weaker and cheaper/ faster to craft.

*Code-lock should be changed into Combination Lock and a new lock should be made for high tech tier: Bio-metric Lock ( only opens for authorized personnel by the placer nobody but placer can clear authorized list or add additional personnel )

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My comments are in bold next to his suggestions.

the Rad Town-vs-Newman is an issue, and drowning too fast is an issue.

I just do not like the fact if you get an AR your basically god, you can kill anyone except a very far away sniper usually. ( it is a god up close-med distance and can be used to semi-snipe. ) the AR simply put has too many bullets that deal massive damage at any range and can go fully auto to just spray someone to death if they are on your screen.

And yes we are really lacking intermediate weapons.

IMO the guns are too powerful in this game, I want to give everyone a chance to fight these guns need to be more balanced, and I think that changing up the amount of ammo and the way some of the guns shoot is a good way to do it IE burst fire AR with less ammo per clip and the bolt action snipers having to reload more often giving people with bows, shotguns a chance to fight.

ak is automatic :confused:

Yes I am asking for it to be burst fire only, we will have 3 automatic guns when the SMG gets introduced… I think the AK needs some balancing along with everything else.

I guess you guys have no idea how radiation works, it shouldn’t kill you instantly