List of Open Source gamemodes? Prefer RP

What options are there currently for open source gamemodes? I may consider investing some $$ into development of one that is currently in progress or even building one from scratch. How far would $100 go? How far would $500 go?

All code though would have to be Free Software. A gamemode platform with a modular addons configuration, etc.

Currently atm, The only one that comes to mind is Tiramisu 2. It is Open-Source, RP, and defined some gamemodes in Garrysmod. That’s as far as Open Source goes. When it comes to closed/ask the Developer to toy around with it RPs. That would be Light RP 2, Clockwork (Says Openaura atm, Check the forums), and CarlRP.

I myself have invested time and energy into the gamemode Vein, Which is Open Source to the point where I asked Dessiminate the Developer if I could edit it and change stuff, He said I could. I’m Going to convert it into an Aftermath RP Gamemode. :3 Set in the Aftermath of a WWIII Scenario.

Look in the game modes section for PistachioRP.

That’s ‘open source’ and extremely easy to edit. If you hire a lua coder to make some big edits to that game mode, chances are you’ll get decent popularity.

Sorry, I actually forgot about that one as well. Pistachio is a very good Open Source one as well, a bit more like a refined DarkRP with something else added in :3

Interesting, but not something that I would want to invest in. I could hire a lua developer to implement some things, but I would want to release all of those contributions under open source so that other servers could benefit.

I’ll try to check out Pistachio and Tiramisu.

I’m curious why neither of these are in the addons section for Gmod? It would be nice to see a couple different implementations.

My background is web development, and I’m really curious to find out if a web front end could be interface with the mysql bit to provide a sort of player directory / management interface.

CarlRP is open source?

So far the only two that I’m looking at are Pistachio and Tiramisu. Tiramisu has the edge, as it seems to provide more in the way of long term character development.

I stated that CarlRP you’d have to ask the Developer to mess around with it, as I see nothing on it mentioning or near Open-Source.

The developer has stated that it’ll be entirely closed source.

Closed source? GMod? LOL.

Because it’s never happened before. You’d know.

Name one gamemode where .lua files are closed-source. I’m pretty sure that the source of all GMod scripts can be viewed by somebody in possession of them.

of or relating to or being computer software for which the source code is freely available.

The CarlRP files aren’t made freely available by the developer. He is the only one that can view the files, hence why it’s closed source. The only way someone would be able to obtain the gamemode would be if it got leaked.

Conna, either you don’t understand or you have no regard for other peoples work. I said in the original post “All code though would have to be Free Software”

Free software, software libre or libre software is software that ensures that the end users have freedom in using, studying, sharing and modifying that software.

I’m specifically looking for options in which the author has explicitly granted permission for others to do whatever they want with the gamemode, and have licensed it under such terms.

Why do you keep throwing definitions of something you know fuck all about?

Oh, and try and research for that “partial open source” your script claims to have. Source-available != Open source.

$30 Roleplay Gamemodes? GMod? LOL.

This changes everything!

Perhaps… the young hacker has seen the light. Welcome, young jedi.