List of Rcon Commands? Specifically teleport command.

I’m in desprate need of the tp rcon command as the list of I’ve been trying to use ( is invalid. Thanks.

Vanilla rust does not allow the teleportation of players. Only admins can teleport. The commands are:

teleport name or steam_id
teleportany item_name (example: crate)

If you are running modded, I don’t know what the commands are, sry m8.


I am an admin. Thanks for the TP command - can you link me to a full list?

My pleasure. Not sure if I can post outside links on this site so not taking chances, but google “new rust commands” and click the first link. On that page there’s a link to a google doc that has all the commands.


(i’ve never seen anyone posting relevent links get banned. advertising threads tend to get deleted pretty quickly though.)