List of rules model (Willing to pay)

I need a model for my server. The model should be a billboard, or just a big rectangle. That has my server rules on it. What I also want is a small tutorial for that billboard on how to change the texture(the rules)
I have photoshop if that is needed for changing the rules.

These rules should fit on it along with at least space for 5-8more rules.

If anyone makes it I am willing to pay between 5-10€ depending on how good it is.

I would make but kinda don’t trust a 6post, 1 day member.
Someone will make it I guess
Anyways here is some comment:
-4: Don’t use foul language. - ? did you mean Fool?

Just a heads up, no one is going to listen to rule 4

I know, kinda fixed it with a nice addons I found. and also if you don’t trust me I could transfer like 0.1€ to their account to prove it. (Paypal only)

And also I have an old account here. Evil_Pidgeon
I made this new one because I never go by that name anymore.

no offense, but read a dictionary sometime. what the hell is “fool” language?

Jibber-jabber that Mr. T does not approve of, fool!

On-topic, I’d be willing to do this. You want the board square or of a rectangular ratio? 128 high by 64 wide looks like it would fit the rules you have, with a little room left over.

I don’t care the ratio, as long as it can display all rules and they’re readable. And as-well as space left in-case I add/change rules.

Hows this:

Haven’t tested in-game yet, but everything checks out so far. I did make minor modifications to the rules, mainly running spellcheck, making some words bold, and merging #3 and #4 into one rule, to make it flow better

As for editing the text, I’ll give you the PSD source. Converting that to in-game format is really simple, and I can walk you through it if you need me to.

Looks really great. However I might wanna add more rules in the future. so make it a little bigger. I’ll also send you a PM.

No, foul is the right word.

how big do you want it to be? billboard sized?

Well the actual in-game size shouldn’t be wider than the short end of the spawn platform of flatgrass. However what I mean with bigger is. If you look at the model above, there is no more room below the current rules to add some more. Basically what I wanted is something just like the model he made. But a little more empty space below the current rules in-case I add some more.

ahh well, didn’t know, I have excuse anyways, English is my 4th language.