List of servers with fewer servers

I have this problem a long time ago, my list of servers began to show just a few servers in any game mode, in DarkRP for example appear only 100 servers but the correct would about 800 or more. Can not connect to the server through the console, or following friends, by the browser from steam, I tried downloading the GameTracker but does not work, my firewall is off, but this error continues anyway, my friends had the same problem, but it was for a day and then the error disappeared and reappeared the servers. I would like to know if anyone knows how to fix this error, if it is something in my computer, in the steam, or even gmod. PLEASE HELP ME!

(Sorry for the english, i used translator)

Image of my list of servers:

What does your legacy browser show?

The same servers, :confused: the only way I could see all the servers is with the “GameTracker” but when I try to connect to IP with the console, appears after the loading “failed after 4 retries”, as if the server does not exist.

The image of legacy browser: