list of small things to make gmod better

1: allow players to change their player model’s bodygroups.

because more and more models have 5000000k body groups, (and its needed for big projects such as halo models and skarjs avp stuff)

2: player model colour shaders

l4d2 has this shader that determines a common infected’s skin colour and clothing colour- i believe this will be used in future valve games and could be used by some modders with a lot of knoledge. let players manipulate their playermodel textures to get unique charecters

3:gm mount2 should be official

4: player models should bleed whatever there surface property is, rather than red all the time (red blood is strange when your playing as an alien/robot)

5: alien swarm and the portal gun should be coded in game

6: someone should bitch at valve to make their engine more efficient

7: make it easyer to make vehicles (flying and ground) and vehicle npcs

8: because valve seem to be replacing v-models with w models on weapons, (arms are made into v models that follow the animations of the player to use the guns that are w models) player models should come with their own set of hands that use the new system- (hopefully there will be a default if there is none)

if this made no sense (probably, caus im shit at explaining, if i was talking to you it would) note how the l4d charecters use different arms but use the same weapons, and also note that you can view the arms of each charecter witohut the bodys, while not finding view models of weapons

hopefully this wont break the old v models, but it does seem to be a better system (although it would require more animations)

9: get a realy good set of animations (better than rebel and combine) with loads of different things to animate (more weapons, the weapons while sprining or other movements, acrobatics, injured animations, gestures etc) and tell people to recompile some stuff. it might piss a few off in the short term but in the long term it is progress (cus the combine/rebel animations suck)

Engine programming isn’t as simple as it seems, to valve. you bitching isn’t worth the money of almost recreating theirs physics engine.

[quote=“bootv2, post:2, topic:69207”]

but sureley allowing their engine to render polygons and textures more efficiently is good for them right?

Valve don’t have their own Physics engine, they use Havok.

Agreed, but bitching at them won’t get them to do this. I think this won’t be done in Source. I think valve will implement that in their next engine. whenever that comes.

I always like how this section is filled with the new guys thinking that they have ideas no one has thought of.

which they heavily modified

heavily modified or not. it still is a version of the havok physics engine.

  1. That’s the compilers fault since they didn’t specify a type in the qc so it just uses the default one from the animations which is the normal red blood

  2. The portal gun is a heavily modified gravity gun. We would have to use the engine version Portal is on instead to actually be able to use it. Same thing with Alien Swarm

  3. Go ahead I won’t stop you

  4. How would it be made easier then it is now

  5. No. What Valve is doing is view models without the hands and then merging the proper hands with the model. If you still honestly think that they’re using the world model and the world model animations watch how the survivors reload the pistols in L4D then watch how they reload it with the view model

  6. So you wanna make those animations

If it uses havok , why not intergrete havok destruction , or even better havok cloth!!! i can just imagine what we could do it havok clock , like CTF where you designe the flag lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Where did my bad spelling rate go :C

Design it using VTF’s…

uh…all i want is swimming animations and climbing animations.