List of things Rust needs to be epic!

List of things Rust needs to be epic!
i like the Alpha so far but it still needs soooo many things. here is a list i whipped up if anyone cares?

**1. The ability to create booby traps, I.E. springs, spikes, pressure plates, switches, ropes and so on.
2. The ability to dig (for setting booby traps or bunkers)
3. The ability to gather water and other liquids
4. Maybe the ability to swim?
5. More spawn points for building materials. I noticed building materials like wood, stone and metal only spawn near heavily populated areas, adding more spawn points for building materials would allow the players to expand and use more of the large map. This would in turn allow some of the beginners to locate a less populated area to begin playing.
6. Private games
7. More zombie textures and animations to add diversity (also random rooming zombie hordes would be cool!)
8. More evil creatures!
9. Character creation screen with hair skim color some face options as well as male and female options.
10. The ability to save progress.
11. The ability to map an area.
12. Edible plants maybe?
13. The ability to burn down or destroy others creations. (With the threat of having your work destroyed maybe you would be more app to try to forge alliances as opposed to kill every one you see)
14. Creatures having the ability to cause structural damage to your fortresses
15. Farming?
16. A pet?
17. More clothing and armor options!

edible plants and farming would be glorious, but I imagined something along the lines is already planned.

also fyi, zombies are temporary, they are being changed to something else

We need some aliens and like laser rifles and gatling guns…OH also I think it would be cool if we can build a stargate! OMG and we also need potato farms and low orbit ion cannons to attack other bases.

im sorry but i am laughing uncontrollably

potato farms suggestion came in like a blast of light from left field and knocked me off guard

but on a serious note, no sci-fi stuff. this game shouldn’t even have firearms (save the handcannon, as it is realistic[ish])

whatever they are adding, we need lots of them “random rooming hordes” would be key words! destruction!

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I’m just trying to contribute here! as of right now, its pretty much naked dudes beating each other over their heads with rocks. can you say POP! fizzellll…

Most of them are pretty good.

I don’t think the most ideas are made for rust…like digging…

You dont think digging is made for rust? Explain how going underground doesnt belong in a survival game like rust.

Well it doesn’t work with the engine, as far as I understand. So there’s that.

  1. Yes, would love to have more ways to protect myself without being game breaking.
  2. Been suggested, it’s a no-go.
  3. Would be useful with a thirst factor. I support.
  4. Boats would be better for water voyaging, but swimming that wastes calories could be useful, I can see it.
  5. No, there’s plenty spawning already, you just gotta go out and look for it.
  6. Why?
  7. No, Zombies are temporary, but I will agree that variety is needed in the final build of whatever they choose hostile NPCs to be.
  8. Yes, I support this.
  9. Female characters are coming, but yes I support customization mostly on the fact that it would help to tell people apart better from a distance.
  10. Progress already saves as you play…
  11. No, the map isn’t hard to learn, you just gotta play a little more.
  12. Would be really useful, yes.
  13. Why? This would just annoy people, and serves no purpose other than griefing. I say no.
  14. Yes, I completely agree, creatures are not threatening enough.
  15. Yes again, though it sort of sets you up for not leaving the house often.
  16. Can’t see the purpose, other than protection. If that is what you mean, then yes that makes sense.
  17. More clothing yes, armor we don’t need more of at this stage

overall great list, stuff is pretty useful. Keep up the good work!

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Don’t be an ass, his ideas weren’t THAT over the top.

The ability to remove built items would be handy. I didn’t realise that wasn’t possible at first so built a small base thinking I could expand it later… Then found out you can’t remove your items.

Also, the ability to add players to doors would be great. Building a base with friends means you each need a door to the base, which means lots of weak points for people to break in.

It actually can be done, but not with the way they have the map set up, since it is just essentially a 2d terrain, to dig would mean falling through the map. To change it would take a lot more memory to my understanding.

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Helk (one of the devs) confirmed this is coming.

Awesome! :slight_smile:

Only bought the game last night, but already got two of my friends to pick it up. So much fun.

thanks, but on the topic of 13, i feel the game present no incentives for people to forge alliances. there seems to be to much pointless killing. there has to be a way to slow the trolls down…

But what will happen is higher-up players will burn down houses of the up-and-coming to keep them down, no one wants to get stuck progressing and people want to stay on top. I’d give about 20 minutes after implementation before every house in the game would be on fire :v: a lot of your other ideas were pretty good though, so keep that up!

Why don’t we just go play minecraft? It’s everything you just described and personally I’d rather they not water down this game with more PvE garbage. From the looks of their new found steam catering though, I may be disappointed.

Thats because on steam we already have 100’s of dayz clones, we dont want another ;p

I don’t foresee digging ever being a realistic goal. The changes from a flat 2d terrain plane to a voxel based setup isn’t impossible (albeit a massive time sink), and it would cause more problems then it helps solve. All rocks, rock formations, structures, etc, would require implementation of some sort of physics capability, so a rock/structure would fall/collapse if a player dug out the earth holding up supposed structure.

The only current solution to faking buried traps would require implementing some kind of “buried” setting/status, that removes the graphic but triggers when the player walks over it (bear trap kind of thing I guess?). I could see this highly unjustifiable as it’s pretty obvious players would basically just “mine-field” the relatively few high resource area’s/towns and wait for people to fall over for free loots.

I did like several of your other suggestions, but digging is definitely one that seems to come up frequently that realistically isn’t plausible without a massive overhaul to their terrain and map generation (we have 1 map, meaning it currently is anything but procedurally generated).

Why shouldn’t there be firearms, this isn’t a caveman simulator.

it still isn’t a super-being-with-ability-to-make-precise-cuts-down-to-the-fraction-of-a-mm-accuracy-and-can-also-weld-with-its-mind simulator either.