Listen Server Crashes

Hello, Im in need for some help with my listen server. My friend joins when i host DarkRP and all of a sudden it crashes and Garrys Mod isnt responding. All my ports are forwarded and i am able to play with him using Sandbox. If anyone has any idea why this is happening please shoot me the answer.


Hye feggo,rt ler n 2 typee

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Get rid of your addons.

This is the same thing that is happening to me, I suspect that it is the new update that changed the blood and picture in the beginning. I used to connect to them fine, but now, it crashed when they tried connecting. So i tried to delete all my add-ons, and it did work, how ever it was really boring. So, does anyone have a way we can get people to connect to us without having to delete all our add-ons?

P.S. I have all my ports forwarded and am used windows 7