Listen Server & Downloading Files

I frequent making listen servers so that I can play with my friends.

How do I make it so that when my friends join, they download the neat custom stuff I downloaded and placed into my Garry’s Mod directory?

sv_allowdownload 1

Strange, I have it on by default. But when I ask my friends if they downloaded anything, they say “no,” and all the models are errors for them.

Any other suggestions?

Make a .lua file.
This is example

resource.AddFile "sound\BOOM.wav"
resource.AddFile "sound\Rickroll.mp3"
resource.AddFile "materials\models\weapons\minigun.vtf"
resource.AddFile "materials\models\weapons\minigun.vmt"

It’ll download whatever’s in that file.
If you put a mdl, you don’t need to put any of the .phy models or anything, only the .mdl’s because it’ll auto download it, but the materials, you have to list down.

Thanks a bunch for your help.

Hey, for some reason, people can’t download anything. Is this an internet problem, or is there a command fix? (it says “Downloading…” and all the files are there)