Listen Server Help

Hi there,
I created a listen server just to play with my friends and stuff and I have a lot of questions I could not find the answer to.
First off, how do I add DarkRP onto my server? That’s one of the reasons why I created the server.
Second, can anyone see my server from the Play Multiplayer menu? If they can, how do I add a password?
Lastly, how do I add addons to my server? I want to have more guns and stuff.

Thanks a lot,


To play DarkRP on a listen server I think you have to have DarkRP in your garrysmod/garrysmod/gamemodes folder, then type changegamemode rp_something darkrp in console.

People can NOT see your server when it’s a listen server from the Play Multiplayer menu. You have to port Forward ( ), THEN start your server.

The addons you have and use for Singleplayer are transfered to your multiplayer game.

Running a Dedicated Server is a lot easy imo.

Er, I have lots of trouble using srcds. My Steam crap is in my F:\ drive and for some reason srcds only reads the C:\ drive so that’s why I use a listen server.

Add DarkRP as a gamemode

Start Server

Get your external IP

Give to friends

Port forward port 27015