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Okay, so i’m trying to make a listen server so my 2 friends and i can mess around, but I’m having issues. I have a WNDR 3400 netgear, and whenever i get to this step:

I’m stuck. i don’t know what ports to forward, and i don’t know how.I’ve tried forwarding a port but i don’t know what server ip address to put in. If someone could help me or show me the next step, that’d be great. I’m kinda new at this posting thing so sorry if i made a mistake.

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can someone please help? I really wanna play with my friends.

Any help is appreciated.

Here is the IP Tables for any kind of valve based server:
Steam Dedicated Server - UDP 27015 - 27050

Oh my god, I love you, man! but, what do i put where it says server ip address?

also, that says dedicated server. I want listen.

Go to and copy your IP Adress (Which is your external). Then simply put this in the server ip adress field “” where “xxx” is replaced by the numbers you have.

Alright, i will. Are the ports you put down earlier good? Again, I want listen, not dedicated.

If I’m wrong, pardon my ignorance.

Okay, I tried what you said, but this popped up:

Uploaded with

Oh you are trying to portforward. Why didin’t you say so…

Anyways, go to command prompt (search for cmd in Windows 7 search bar in the start menu).
In the command prompt, write “ipconfig” and hit enter.
Now you will see you Internal IP adress and you should use that one (IPv4-adress).

Thanks, bro, I’ll see if it works later.

As far as I know, listen servers are made through your Garry’s Mod. (Start multiplayer game)
These ports should be forwarded for you too, even if you’re hosting a listen server.

Although, I highly recommend you to host a dedicated one. (srcds would be your best choice).

Okay, trying it now.

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didn’t work. It said connection failed after 4 retries.

Are you sure you’re using listen server?

When someone else is connecting to you, they have to use your external ip:

Like this: connect