Listen Server Screwed Up???

Here’s the deal, me and a few friends always mess around on my listen server. Well, one day i started it up as usual, and when its about to put you in the game, Gmod crashes and says “hl2.exe has stopped working” D:! .I’ve tried and retried everything i can, I’ve uninstalled and re-installed Gmod and all my addons numerous times, I’ve tried many different admin mods and nothing. Any help at all would be appreciated. Thanks in advanced,


Its your addons, or sounds like it. Try adding them one at a time untill it stops working. Then you know the addon thats causing the problem.

Alright, im going to try that in a bit. Ill post back with the results. :dance:

Well, its not the addons. I cut and pasted all of my addons folder to a separate folder and after starting up Gmod and trying it out with NO addons, no dice T.T. Any other help is greatly appreciated.:rolleyes:

Also to let you know, i can join other server and play singleplayer. Its just when i start a multiplayer this happens. :suicide:

don’t use the smilies if you don’t know how to.

Update, turns out i cant join multiplayer either. All i can do is singleplayer, i really don’t know what to do guys. HELP.

Do you have Windows Aero enabled?

Firstly, what is that. Second, i deleted everything but the gmod folder and let it redownload. Now i can join and create my listen server but no-one can join. In the way that when they try to it says server not responding. Thanks for all the help thus far guys.

closed, it works again.