[Lite Rp] Custom mods |DarkRP| www.MJMAFIA.com

MJmafia is the next generation of gaming and are proud to release a NEW server DarkRP!

Custom mods,jobs and shipments!

All our jobs are customized for the ultimate ROLEPLAY experience!DarkRP and PHX 3 are version “SVN” and other MODS are under SVN to.

fancy a life within the city walls join now today and check out our range of gangs,drugz,weps,cars,jobs and entites.


What will your destiny be corrupt or straight?

Visit our website for free and join our clan www.mjmafia.com

We look forward to seeing you!

You do know that no one will join because it’s DarkRP, right?

Not Necessarily…

We should rename this section, NAGDRPS

(Not another generic DarkRP server)

PROTIP; If you want people to join, offer something other servers dont, make your OP appealing and not written by a 10 year old.

Good appealing thread that makes people want to check it out:


what is this?